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Caring that Lives, Gives…...

We can practice caring.  And caring always involves giving.  What breaks down any sense of separation between us is the practice of caring.  A simple giving of care and concern for our neighbor brings peace to the community and to our hearts.  The Westside Food Pantry offers us the opportunity to turn our caring into practice.  For example, each Friday children from our two west side Elementary Schools receive backpacks with food for the weekend ahead.  Your donations to the Pantry turn your caring into this living action.  And, this is the kind of caring and giving can make us happy and grateful!  The Buddha said: "The donor, before giving, is glad; while giving, is inspired; and after giving, is gratified.” A Caring that Lives!

A Caring Community Together Gives:

Director receives a $1,000 check from the First National Bank for the work of the Pantry

It’s your sharing that makes



Please give…

from Near and Far…

we count on you!

We are proud and honored to be a COMMUNITY that cares about the unique food security challenges that face all of the west side of Mount Desert Island.   We believe that addressing those challenges is a responsibility that all of us want to share.   And, we know that we respond to these challenges best TOGETHER, as a COMMUNITY .   This is precisely why we call on you—not just you who live  Near, but you who live Far away too.  Really, we can only be the caring community we want to be if we be it TOGETHER !

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The Westside Food Pantry would like to hear from you--whether you are from Near or Far!

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